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About Us

My Story



I started singing and won my first talent competition at the age of six.  After finding my love of music I then  went on to perform in several theatrical shows, the biggest  being cast at the young age of 12 as Oliver in the Musical at the Grand Theatre in Leeds.

Around  the same age, my parents bought a caravan at Patrington Haven Holiday Park on the East Coast which held a Talent Competition every Friday night. Talk about a game changer!!!

As a family we were there every single weekend (My Mum and Dad being the Yorkshire folk they are, wanted to get their money 's worth lol.) I won the park's talent competition every week from the start of March up until the weekend before Easter. Due to this the Entertainment Manager came and asked me if I would stop entering the competitions (as the main season started at Easter) and asked me if I wanted to compare the talent competition instead. I would be introducing the acss and get the crowed going after they had performed, The BEST bit was that I could do a 30 minute set every week after I had announced the winner. All this at the age of 13 with an audience of between 300-500 every week, of course I jumped at the chance.

By the time I finished school, I was THE Kids Entertainment Manager and resident DJ. Also to add  to this I was compairing and hosting the family night on a Friday, which included me doing an hour set each week.

Halfway through the season, the Entertainment Manager was fired and I was asked to take over his position. This meant I had full management of the park’s entertainment and had the responsibility of managing staff and booking acts, as well as performing 3 - 5 nights per week and organising and performing at special events such as Weddings, Company and Corporate Events and Birthdays.

Fast forward 20 years  and 3 children later, I have created Suprise Wedding Singers.

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What Inspires Me


 After performing for 30 years I still get the same buzz I did when I performed for the first time at six years old. For me, it's not about being on the stage and having everyone looking me. It is and has always been about making the audience part of my performances. I thrive on seeing the reaction on people’s faces when I single them out and serenade them, or when I get them up dancing with me for example. This has a ripple effect with everyone else in the room and rather than them just being sat their seats in silence watching me sing. I get everyone up singing dancing. Making sure everyone is having a fantastic MEMORABLE time!!

When people ask what was the wedding/event like yesterday? “yeah it was good enjoyed it “is what you get if book someone else!! If you want the answer to start with “OHH IT WAS AMAZING, THE BEST ONE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO”. Then get in touch!! What do you have to lose????

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My Influences


My childhood couldn't have been more varied when it came to music, from having a Dad who was a professional Opera Singer with Opera North,  to my mum singing and dancing around to The Beatles, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Queen, Madonna, Luther Vandross, etc, wherever she could lol.  Just listening to them both started my love of singing and gave me a massive appreciation for music in all its forms. 

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